Welcome to the home of the best blues harp amp on the planet:

Tone that'll blow you away!

The Chicago 32-20, the Chicago 50,
and the 1x10"
Delta Sonic 15, or the Delta Sonic 20 Pro

The Chicago 32-20, about 32 watts fixed bias
or approx 22 watts in cathode bias.

The Chicago 50, about <50 watts fixed bias
or approx 26 watts in cathode bias.

The Delta Sonic 15 is about +12 watts in cathode bias
(standard configuration)
15 watts in fixed bias or...
The most popular 1x10" harp amp ever,
Delta Sonic 20 PRO
+20 watts output with all the options
 the Delta Sonic is also
available with an optional 1x12" speaker cabinet
for only an nominal additional cost.


Delta Sonic 15 , 1x10
2x6V6s, 12AY7, Cathode biased or the optional Fixed Bias
depending on model, 12 to +20 watts of heaven and joy
Only 28 pounds

Click off the player at the bottom and Click below for:
 CLICK HERE:   Nick Clark 'LIVE' demoing the Delta Sonic 15fb,
about 15 watts, direct in, no FX and no line out to the PA!

Check the "Prices and Specs" page for more information

Are you looking for that fat crunchy Chicago tone? You came to the right place, my friend.
Listen to sound clips of this amazing blues harp amp. Check out videos of working harp players in live gigs getting awesome tone with the Mission Chicago Harp Amp.
BIG tone that can go from sweet to raunchy just by leaning into it a bit, without fear of feedback.

Nic Clark, the renowned young harp phenom from Denver Colorado has enthusiatically endorsed the Mission Chicago amp. 
Nic is the future of modern blues harmonica and still pays homage to the masters.  He is already famous for his huge tone and soulful phrasing.  Nic is a natural bluesman. 

Read a comprehensive review of the Mission Chicago amp from Mojo Red

The Mission Chicago Amps:

The Chicago 50w is available!
. All Chicago harp amp versions:
· Powerful enough for any loud blues jam; yet 1x12 combo around 35 pounds,
  std 2x10 is around 38 pounds.
· First harp amp with a Mission Amps 'DEEP' switch for fatter tone
· Sonic Booster switching for low output mics or mics that are too hot or treble cutting!
· First harp amp to allow switching from fixed bias to cathode bias; like having two amps in one!
· First "ALL HARP" amp with a Tru-Tone line out with level setting control. Variable, up to 800mvac signal. 
  This will drive any aux PA or secondary guitar amplifier to full power output!
· The Chicago 32-20 or the Chicago 50 available in 2x10".
· Other speaker configurations
such as 1x12" and 1x12"+8", 3x10, 12"-10",  are available as a custom order.
  Ask first. All custom orders are based on a NO REFUND WHAT SO EVER POLICY!

· Handmade, one at a time by a master amp builder in his shop. Not contracted out to a factory or inferior shop help.

· Covered by a 1 year limited warranty;
 There is no trial period for these handmade amps and no there are no returns.
 PLEASE read the warranty before ordering.
 The balance of the warranty is transferable to the next owner with a written notice from the first and second owner with serial number and warranty paper transfer.
· Designed and tweaked with the help of pro harp players
. More than 75 years of gigging experience in every amp
· Priced hundreds of dollars less than the over-priced competition!

For more that two decades Mission Amps have been known worldwide as serious tools for working players: Superb tone, beautiful build quality, and exceptional value. 
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Little Fatty!

Mission Amps, Denver, CO (303) 955-2412  email: missionamps@gmail.com
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