Mission Amps, Chicago Harp Amps, limited 1 year warranty Our policy:

All Mission Amps amplifiers come with a one year, limited warranty.
  • There is NO trial period and there is NO return policy.
  • All sales and deposits are FINAL. Non refundable and amps are Non returnable.
  • Our amplifiers are finely hand crafted, one of a kind.
  • They are capable of supreme tone and dynamics, delivering Pro quality sound.
  • These are not entry level harp amps. An owner/player must bring something to the party!
  • Tone is extremely subjective and skill levels with players vary so wildly that we have decided there will be no returns!
  • In any event, if allowable by Mission Amps, any unlikely returns will be subject to a 15% restocking fee.
  • If you do not agree with this policy then please do not buy our products.

This warranty covers any repairs needed to bring the amplifier back to its fully operational and stock condition as originally built and shipped.
It excludes any shipping/handling and insurance costs to or from Mission Amps, or any service station authorized by Mission Amps, if any.
The Mission Amps 1 year warranty also excludes any abuse, cabinet buzzes and rattles, damaged, buzzing, fizzing, and open or “blown” speakers or any vacuum tubes.  It does not cover cosmetic damage, any obvious physical damage by actual use, shipping/handling or any other abusive means.  It does not cover repairs or modifications by any persons other than service centers or technicians authorized by Mission Amps. All vacuum tubes carry a 30 day warranty. Speakers carry a 60 day warranty.  Speakers and vacuum tubes must be returned for inspection by Mission Amps before any replacements or prorations are determined.
All repairs or parts replacement under this warranty are based on the sole discretion of Mission Amps.  Mission Amps reserves the right to suspend a warranty or service any unit which, in our opinion, has been abused, modified, or improperly serviced by any unauthorized personnel.
A copy of the bill of sale, sales receipt, the original warranty sheet with serial number, must be provided with the unit. 
Proof of ownership, including date of delivery and serial number must be on file with Mission Amps to insure a warranty is in effect.
An email to Mission Amps stating when a purchase was made is NOT SUFFICIENT!
However, the balance of this warranty is transferable to a second owner, but only the second owner.  Proof of ownership and exchange of same is the sole responsibility of the original owner and said second owner.
This information must be provided to Mission Amps in a timely fashion in order to extend the balance of this warranty to the second owner.  If not, the original warranty is expired and no further claims for warranty will be accepted by Mission Amps.
All items to be returned for servicing must be pre-authorized by Mission Amps. A RAN (return authorization number) must be provided by Mission Amps. This RAN must appear on the exterior of the shipping container or Mission Amps reserves the right to refuse the package upon receipt. 
In any case, no CODs of any kind will be accepted.

MISSION AMPS - 10671 Racine St. - Denver, CO  80022 - 303-955-2412 missionamps@gmail.com